CrowdWeekend NYC & Madrid 2016

NYC Crowdfunding community and Spain Crowdfunding Community working together into a Crowdfunding Hackathon Weekend.


Time to CrowdWeekend • 2016 June 25th & 26th









2 days to learn in a Crowdfunding Hackathon Weekend, exploring the best formulas, the best hacking technologies to grow communities around innovative projects, to make successful crowdfunding campaigns, simultaneously in two spaces: Rise in NYC and Campus Madrid in Madrid.


Enable anyone with an idea the skills needed to make it reality via Crowdfunding. Bring together 2 international different communities passionate about building projects and making the world a better place.

Who's Invited?

Any entrepreneur with a project or idea to bring to life, wanting to learn about crowdfunding secrets and more efficient processes to make successful campaigns. If you aren’t included in the above but wish to attend anyway, fill out an application form and send us an email.

Learning from experts and success crowdfunded projects creators. Face 2 face with crowdfunding pioneers.

Alex Feldman

Co-Organizer, Operations, +info

Say hello to the new Crowdfunding international data revolution. Now you are the hero.

Sergio Rodríguez

Co-Organizer, Data Analist, +info

Europe and USA working together on innovative projects? I´m in!

Addy Nuñez

Co-Organizer, Institutional Research , +info

Doing the process step by step. Working with new, international people, fighting to get the best results with their pre-campaigns metrics… in only 2 days!

Miguel Moya

Co-Organizer, Event Manager, +info

Crowdweekend is for all kind of entrepreneurs, not just for those looking for knowledge about Crowdfunding of Rewards, but also for those seeking possible partners and collaborators.

Laura García-Carrasco

Co-Organizer, PR Manager, +info

Crowdfunding is the best way to innovate. Let’s take the best path to success.

César Augusto

Co-organizer, Operations, +info






Great people talking about best formulas to make awesome Crowdfunding campaigns. You have to go.

Sergio Alcalde (Solusoft)

I+d+i, +info




A bunch of talented people working together with a sole goal. Great results announced.

José Luis García (EOI)

Business Design, +info




Crowdfunding is the bigger tool to validate ideas with less risk. Let´s create the best how.

Mar Elordi (Morgan Stanley)

Legal, +info






Entrepreneurship is an act of faith and hard work. There’s no easy path to success.

Rafael Dávila-Ponce de León (IFEMA)

Business Controller, +info




When companies Test The Waters with crowdfunding, they are gauging interest in their future offering from potential investors.

Josh Amster (Startengine)

Business Development, +info




Keep your life weird and embrace whatever it has to offer.

Patrycja Slawuta (SelfHackathon)

Mindhacks, +info






Crowdfunding is based on making everyone can feel part of the project.

Valentí Acconcia (Vanacco)

Business Design, +info




A bunch of talented people working together with a sole goal. Great results announced.

Frederico Ribeiro (Indiegogo)

Manager of Hardware, +info




Come with us to reinvent your value proposal and your way to spread it.

Sara Rodríguez Marín (FreeDeLibre)

Legal, +info






If you really want to know about one of the fastest growing digital trends, this event is a must.

Ivo Cadenas (How2Go)

Business Developer, +info




Together, let´s show the world that there is a new way of growing businesses.

Francisco Rodríguez (Ouishare)

Business Design, +info




Entrepreneurship is not about cool ideas, is about solving real problems for the real world.

Juan Castillo

Business Strategist, +info


$BN Crowdfunding Worldwide


Success Crowdfunding Campaigns


What is a hackathon?

Great question! A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”, and this Crowdfunding hackathon will be very intensive. Anyone with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship attends to learn, build & share their ideas over a weekend in a “relaxed” and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer or crowdfunding expert.

What´s the end goal of this?
  • The end goal for all of them is to learn the better process to plan a crowdfunding campaign (pre-campaign).
  • For some of them (the 5 to 10 most attractive ideas) to get help to plan their crowdfunding campaign from their teams, and to gain exposure and immediate feedback for your crowdfunding campaign by working the largest Crowdfunding hackathon on the globe.
  • For the best of them (1 or 3), the opportunity to be the winners of the contest, and get some prizes we are working on with our sponsors. Let´s face it. We really think there most be some kind of prizes to add some pressure fun and motivation 🙂
  • On Sunday, when everybody goes home, you have new contacts to continue working with, you know the next steps, and you are motivated to go ahead. That´s our big goal.
Who's Invited?

Everyone interested in entrepreneurship is very welcome. Our attendee backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). Our believe is that Tech & Business profiles working together makes the perfect balance. Whether you are a Crowdfunding lover, a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, if you are motivated to build innovative projects and open to new ideas you’ll fit right in.

Why I should go?

Come if you want to learn about crowdfunding to make a great campaign, to be a great consultant, or maybe to become a great crowdinvestor. Maybe you have your own why.

What do people normally make?

Learning by doing a pre-campaign of crowdfunding. What project for? Anyone can tell his project/idea and try to get a team to work with over the weekend. If you don´t get a team you can join another team to learn all the process (plan, video, landing page, pr, email mk, etc).

How long do I have to pitch my idea? What is the pitch format?

The pitch is the typical 50 second elevator-style. No slides or visuals.

What if I don’t have a team or idea?

Not to worry! Some of the best tips have come from people who arrived not knowing what to do or whom to do it with. We have activities planned to help you find some teammates.

What do you do to protect intellectual property (IP)?

Everything that happens at Crowdweekend is technically in the public domain. The same you have to deal if you make a Crowdfunding campaign. If you are worried about this, just focus on tell the why and what and keep the how. We believe the real value of ideas is in the ability to execute them properly, which is something very few people currently get right.

Preliminary Schedule. June 25 & 26 2016




8:30amDoors open / breakfast
9:00amParticipants pitches
10:00amInternational Team Building
10:20amBasic Crowdfunding Planning.
10:40pmTeams work
15:00pmlunch time
16:00pmUSA JOBS Act Crowdfunding law
16:30pmUSA Crowdfunding Success experience
17:00pmTeams work
20:30pmLocal networking / rest (or no)


8:00amDoors open / breakfast
9:00amTeams Work
14:30pmDemo Teams Work & Pre-campaign Data results
15:30pmCrowdfunding International Market Evolution Conference
16:00pmNetworking / Closing




10:00amDoors Open
11:00amWelcome / Intro organizers
11:15amCrowdfunding intro
12:00pmSpain Crowdfunding Regulation
13:00pmSpain Crowdfunding Success experience
15:00pmParticipants pitches
16:00pmInternational Team Building
16:20pmBasic Crowdfunding planning.
16:40pmTeams work
21:00pmLocal networking / rest (or no)


10:00amDoors open / breakfast
11:00Teams Work
13:00pmSpain Crowdfunding Success experience
13:30pmEurope Crowdfunding Market evolution
15:00pmTeams Work
20:30pmDemo Teams Work & Pre-campaign Data results
21:30pmCrowdfunding International Market Evolution Conference
22:00pmNetworking / Closing


4:00am–––MadridDoors Open10:00am
5:00am–––MadridWelcome / Intro organizers11:00am
5:15am–––MadridCrowdfunding intro11:15am
6:00am(online streaming)MadridSpain Crowdfunding Regulation12:00pm
7:00am(online streaming)MadridSpain Crowdfunding Success experience13:00pm
8:30amDoors open / breakfastNYC & MadridLunch14:00pm
9:00amParticipants pitchesNYC & MadridParticipants pitches15:00pm
10:00amInternational Team BuildingNYC & MadridInternational Team Building16:00pm
10:20amBasic Crowdfunding Planning.NYC & MadridBasic Crowdfunding planning.16:20pm
10:40pmTeams workNYC & MadridTeams work16:40pm
15:00pmlunch timeNYC & MadridLocal networking / rest (or no)21:00pm
16:00pmUSA JOBS Act Crowdfunding lawNYC(online streaming)22:00pm
16:30pmUSA Crowdfunding Success experience NYC(online streaming)22:00pm
17:00pmTeams workNYC–––
20:30pmLocal networking / rest (or no)NYC–––02:30am


4:00am–––MadridDoors open / breakfast10:00am
5:00am–––MadridTeams work11:00am
7:00am(online streaming)MadridSpain Crowdfunding Success experience13:00pm
7:30am(online streaming)MadridEurope Crowdfunding Market evolution13:30pm
8:00amDoors open / breakfastNYC & MadridLunch14:00pm
9:00amTeams WorkNYC & MadridTeams Work15:00pm
14:30pmDemo Teams Work & Pre-campaign Data resultsNYC & MadridDemo Teams Work & Pre-campaign Data results20:30pm
15:30pmCrowdfunding International Market Evolution ConferenceNYC & MadridCrowdfunding International Market Evolution Conference21:30pm
16:00pmNetworking / ClosingNYC & MadridNetworking / Closing22:00pm

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